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Ending the ‘Negotiation Gap’ to help people of all backgrounds earn what they’re truly worth.

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Venture-backed & mission-driven, Riva uses HBS negotiation expertise to help close the pay gap by giving users of all backgrounds the tools they need to ask for more from their employers – and get it.

Founded by the world’s leading negotiation experts, we partner with our clients to develop a custom-tailored strategy for increasing their compensation. Since we get paid only when our clients earn more, we’re truly on the same team – and our glowing reviews reflect this commitment.

Our approach has already helped more than 5,000 people land an average pay bump over $20k. We’re growing quickly and looking for passionate, results-oriented team players to join Team Riva!

Value the human

We value the human aspect of negotiation, sitting side-by-side with our clients as trusted coaches through some of life’s most personal and rewarding discussions.

Operational excellence

As with life itself, negotiation can be a messy process. Riva runs a tight ship to ensure that our offering grows into its full potential at the service of our clients. Attention to the details of our internal & external operations is one of the key priorities that infuses and informs everything we do.

Pride in the mission

When we help someone early what they're truly worth, we set them down a lifelong path of equity. Although that can sound warm and fuzzy, our impact certainly isn't measured in hugs and rainbows, but rather in cold hard cash. This benefits the individual, their family, and their community throughout the rest of their career.

Our Values

Why join Riva?

  • Mission-driven company with a business model that aligns incentives to help clients earn what’s fair
  • High-growth, collaborative environment supportive of learning and ownership
  • Values-driven team that embraces humanness and relationships, with flexible policies to match
  • World-class team of advisors including the top negotiating minds in the world

Our ideal teammate

At Riva, we know teammates thrive – and contribute the most – when given the freedom, flexibility and trust they need to perform at their best. We believe wholeheartedly in a management style that places the emphasis on connecting the dots between individual contributions and broader strategic imperatives, fostering a collaborative, supportive & well-resourced environment, and then empowering employees to own & run with projects that fit their unique skillsets. Our ideal teammate is someone who is:
  • Results-oriented with a focus on execution
  • An agile strategic thinker
  • Collaborative and without ego
  • Passionate about our mission
  • Curious, engaged & eager to learn

Our views on remote work

Our team makeup reflects a deep commitment to diversity – not only in race, gender, and socioeconomic background, but in geography and thought as well. We’re proud to employ passionate people of all backgrounds from all corners of the country.

How we approach remote work:
  • Engaged and responsive team
  • Clear individual goals tied to the greater mission
  • High-trust, results-oriented work environment
  • Asynchronous best practices to bridge time zones
  • Agile & customer-centric focus

Our Benefits

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Full remote flexibility
  • Diverse & passionate team
  • Commitment to pay equity, transparency in our approach & proactive compensation reviews
  • Competitive healthcare & perks
  • Free lunch daily :)

Open Roles

Head of Product

We’re looking for a rockstar product lead to help translate our world-class negotiating expertise into scalable, human-driven product offerings building on our existing proven (and profitable) model. Fresh PMs & seasoned CPOs welcome!

Head of Marketing

Salary could not be more sensitive, and for most folks negotiation is like pulling teeth. Our behavioral economics-based marketing strategy emphasizes loss aversion with a friendly & approachable face, and we’re looking for a superb growth marketer to help us continue to scale efficiently!


We’re hiring across a range of sales roles, from front-line SDRs to channel & partner sales leaders and sales ops managers. You’ll join a high-performing team using cutting-edge tools and proven approaches to meet & exceed growth targets!


Ops is in our lifeblood, and we firmly believe that a tightly run ship is critical to the mission & future of our company. Operations is an integral, strategic position – not simply a ‘keep the trains running’ role – and we’re always looking for fresh perspectives to continually improve our team!

Negotiation Coach

We are looking for exceptional recruiters, coaches and negotiators to join our Coaching team. If you are passionate about helping candidates navigate the intimidating salary negotiations process and change their lives by raising not only their earning potential, but their confidence in negotiations, we want to talk to you!

Your Dream Job Here

Riva believes first and foremost in the value of a committed, results-oriented individual who understands strategic imperatives and can translate their contributions into high-impact outcomes. Don’t see your skillset reflected here? We’d still love to meet and figure out together how you can make a difference on Team Riva.

Since 2018, Riva's coaches and advisors have helped more than 5,000 people earn what's fair. Drawing on some of the world's top negotiation minds, our team brings decades of real-world deal experience, world-class negotiation expertise, and proven methodologies to maximize your payday.

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