How Riva Charges

Riva charges 10% of the negotiated salary increase we help our clients secure. 

What does that mean?

Meet Alice. Let's look at her compensation...

Alice comes to us with an initial offer of a $100k annual salary. We advise Alice on the negotiation, and she accepts a final offer of $120k. We then take the difference between the final and initial offer ($20k) and charge 10% of that increase, in this case $2k, netting her $18k. We allow Alice to pay this in installments: half within 30 days, with the remainder paid out over the following 5 months via Stripe.
To make this work, we ask our clients to send us a copy of the initial offer letter while onboarding with us as well as a copy of the final accepted offer letter. Doing so also helps tremendously with the actual negotiation itself. We reserve the right to charge a 2.5% ghosting fee for our coaches if a client uses our services but doesn’t pay.

For more detail, see our Terms & Conditions.
  • Alice's initial offer
  • $100k
  • Alice's offer with Riva
  • $120k
  • Negotiated increase
  • $20k
  • Riva's fee
  • $2k
  • Alice's net gain
  • $18k

Common scenarios and our approach to payment

Compensation Includes Non-salary Components
Compensation can be complicated, and often employers create packages of multiple different ‘currencies’ for getting paid (including equity, performance bonuses, signing bonuses, relocation packages, and more). We factor in every piece of monetary compensation into our ‘negotiated increase’ calculation. For packages paid out over several years, we average out the total compensation as an annual figure. For equity grants, we rely on the latest valuation the company has been given to calculate the value of your comp. 
Compensation Includes Uncertain or Non-fixed Components 
For many roles, for example, commission-based salespeople, it's impossible to determine exactly how much the final annual compensation will be until the client is already in the position. In these cases, we use the on-target earnings (OTE) or similar estimates provided by the prospective new employer to calculate our fee and encourage our clients to reach out to adjust their payments if their earnings fall short of expectations. We're happy to reimburse any over-charges that may emerge after the fact (or to help negotiate for an additional increase as compensation!) 
Negotiating a Raise from a Current Employer 
We love negotiating raises because there are often so many unexpected sources of leverage we can tap. After all, at a bare minimum, companies should be willing to increase pay by the amount it would cost to replace you! In these cases, we simply apply our standard 10% fee to the amount of the raise (i.e., the difference between a client's previous pay and their new salary).
Engaging Us Prior to Receiving the First Offer
We love working with clients as early as possible because we can often set up conversations in advance to produce optimal outcomes. In many cases, we exceed what our clients initially believed would be possible from the process. However, such cases do require an additional investment of time on our end, so in these cases we use the client's current salary as the baseline, and calculate the negotiated increase from there. For clients who are currently between roles, we simply take their most recent previous salary and use that as the baseline for our calculations. 
Negotiating Multiple Offers Simultaneously 
This is often a gold mine for clients, and the type of situation in which eye-popping increases are possible (i.e., almost doubling the starting offer in some cases). But making the most of this kind of complex, multi-party negotiation can be time-consuming and intensive, requiring a great deal of care to ensure the process proceeds smoothly and relationships remain healthy. In these instances, we calculate the starting point as the average of the multiple initial offers (or the client's current salary if no new offers have been made when we engage), and the increase is measured as the difference between the final accepted offer and this starting point.

Special Circumstances

For more detail, see our Terms & Conditions.

Questions? Comments?

Unsure of how our payment model applies in your particular situation? Don't hesitate to reach out here or schedule an initial consultation; we'd be happy to discuss the best option for you.

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