"I negotiate every day as part of my job. But I think with job offers it can be more personal and more difficult to advocate for yourself. Riva stepped in right after I got my job offer and helped draft a response back to the recruiter."
Allison Khoe
"When I learned about Riva I figured I might as well give this a chance. And then it's been an amazing experience, I feel like i've tapped into a world that everyone else has accessed and I never had before."
Marty Evans
"I decided to use Riva to negotiate my last job offer because I did not have experience negotiating and I wanted to feel like I had someone on my team who was there looking out for my best interests."
Vanessa Campos
"I had a really tough recruiter, if I had not had the data and phone scripts Riva provided, I would have just given in. I would have crumbled under the pressure."
Megan Welch

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