Underpaid compared to your peers?

Introducing Riva's Peer Comp Match service


Of people are any given time at underpaid


This can lead to differences in comp of $7K or more

1 year

If you haven't gotten a raise in a year, you most likely are being underpaid

Tell us about what your peers are making

Benchmark against peers

Tell us what your peers are making and we'll combine that with our proprietary data (70K data points) to justify your ask

Step-by-step guidance

Research shows that people who get help with negotiations tend to do better financially. We'll be with you every step of the way - we'll even write the emails for you

Guaranteed increase

We guarantee your outcome - if you don't get an increase while working with us, you pay nothing for the service

Free to try

Just answer a few short questions to begin with, and we'll reach out for a free initial consultation to get started
Peer Comp Match Service

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