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Since 2018, Riva's coaches and advisors have helped more than 5,000 people earn what's fair. Drawing on some of the world's top negotiation minds, our team brings decades of real-world deal experience, world-class negotiation expertise, and proven methodologies to maximize your payday.

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Ben took the reins as Riva's CEO in October 2021, after joining in August as COO. Outside of Riva, he spends his time publishing & lecturing at HBS on negotiation strategy. His work has appeared in HBR and the Negotiation Journal, and he has helped teach exec ed courses at HBS, presented at Harvard Law School/MIT conferences, and led keynote sessions on dealmaking for the U.S. Congress.

Ben Cook

David Lax is widely considered one of the world’s foremost advisors in complex or high stakes negotiations. After leaving the HBS faculty, he co-founded Lax Sebenius LLC, a consulting firm specializing in ultra high-stakes deals at the highest levels of business and government. Along with James Sebenius, he is the co-author of dozens of books and articles now taught at business schools globally.

David Lax
Co-Founder & Advisor

Steph is co-founder and former CEO of Riva, Forbes 30 Under 30, and a four-time Stanford graduate with experience at Google, McKinsey and Lyft.

Stephanie Young
Co-Founder & Advisor

Paul provides negotiation training and advice to global businesses as Senior Advisor at Lax Sebenius LLC. A former hospital CEO & widely respected public sector leader, he has taught and published extensively. He has a particular interest in mentorship and coaching, and along with Farzana Mohamed, he co-authored How to Negotiate Your First Job.

Paul Levy
Senior Advisor & Coach Trainer

Farzana is an MIT-educated corporate leader, negotiations advisor and author, with Paul Levy, of How to Negotiate your First Job. A former hospital executive, board member, and program administrator, she brings a passion for coaching, mentorship and helping professionals develop and advance their careers through negotiation.

Farzana Mohamed
Coach Trainer

Bill is a world-renowned negotiation expert, and co-author of Getting to Yes, a foundational bestseller that established the concept of a BATNA in negotiation theory. A co-founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation and, with President Jimmy Carter, the International Negotiation Network, Bill is a mediator, academic, and internationally recognized leader in the field.

Bill Ury
Senior Advisor

Jim is one of the most sought-after negotiations advisors in the world, and is the Gordon Donaldson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, where he founded the Negotiation unit and teaches advanced negotiation to students and senior executives. He also directs the Harvard Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School, and previously spent years at the Blackstone Group.

James Sebenius
Senior Advisor

Hannah Riley Bowles is a leading expert on gender in negotiation. She is the Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at the Harvard Kennedy School, as well as the chair of the HKS Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences Area. Her research focuses on women’s leadership advancement and the role of negotiation in educational and career advancement.

Hannah Riley Bowles
Senior Advisor

Fanni brings over a decade of recruiting experience, both in-house and agency. She has personally negotiated thousands of offer packages, and knows the ins & outs of HR teams. A certified life coach and yoga & meditation teacher, Fanni is passionate about helping clients unlock their highest potential – including her work through Mindfully Transform on the power of asking for what you want.

Fanni Gabor
Head of Coaching

Victoria is a negotiations expert and holds a Master of Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, where her research has been published in the Atlantic Council and the Boston Women's Workforce Council. A graduate of Fudan University, Victoria's past experience includes PwC, UNICEF, and other development projects globally.

Victoria Ying
Senior Negotiation Coach

Zoe is a Center for Public Leadership Fellow at Harvard, where she works to develop and run career negotiation programs that seek to advance the careers of women and historically marginalized groups. She has prior experience as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. and as an analyst at the Congressional Budget Office, and she holds a masters in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School.

Zoe Williams
Senior Negotiation Coach

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